…the storyteller…  an array of props… a fine narrative lucidity… one of the best instances of immersive theatre I’ve seen in ages
Michael Coveney

With a few props, exquisite timing, just enough movement, a few rhythmic repetitions and some audience participation, stories from various cultures were brought to life to beautiful effect.
Harry Brown – The Irish Times

…flying carpets, ghosts and wonderful tales of romance….
Nancy Groves The Independent

Last weekend I took my four children to the British museum where an actress brought the Epic of Gilgamesh to life.  Leo aged 4 was chosen to play the part of the wild man, Tycho, aged 9 was fascinated by the cuneiform even little Agatha who is only one was silent and hardly wriggled.  We were enchanted.
Daniel Johnson – The Telegraph.

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Xanthe is Storyteller in Residence for Hastings funded by 18 hours