Myth, Epic, Folktale

I can take you anywhere, while you’re sitting in your chair. I can lie or else speak true, believe or not it’s up to you – what am I?

Each session can include a variety of storytelling forms: folktales, myths, epic, debate stories, riddles and contemporary stories from European, Russian, Celtic, Greek, Persian, Iraqi, Mesopotamian, South American, Egyptian, Viking, Chinese, Native American, Indian and Sufi traditions.

Set your eyes on the horizon and be prepared to stop at nothing to win your way out of dark forests and raging oceans. Open the doors of your eyes and the windows of your ears and in no time you’ll be back with the pot of gold, the magic feather or the hair of the lion ….

Suitable for all ages.

Excerpt from ‘Afganistan Stories’ at The British Museum 2011
The story of the Deo i Sarma of the Hindu Kush is from Andy Miller’s excellent ‘Tales from the Wakhan’ published by the Aga Khan Trust 2008

Commissioned by Mythstories Museum, this storyscape was created by Louise Francis Evans and Xanthe Gresham based on the traditional Shropshire tale of Wild Edric. Filmed thanks to George Walker and edited by Mishko Papic