Workshops for Children
Training for Teachers/Museum Staff

Xanthe was a Senior Lecturer on the P.G.C.E. course for the University of East London for 13 years.

The teachers are still buzzing with inspirational ideas for immediate use.  Your workshops have been voted the best in the programme!’
Senior Lecturer P.G.C.E University of East London

‘My class loved using the props, costumes, stones, leaves and flowers to engender stories and characters. Creating monsters and dreaming up magic objects was great! My favourite moment was during a game, when I suddenly realised that our imaginations are infinite!’ Teacher, Chelsea Physic Garden

Thank you to facilitator Xanthe Gresham for a well planned, well resourced and well delivered session.  Enjoyable and enlightening!’ Teacher, Tate Gallery

I believe that the sessions with Xanthe taught me to be more confident and that you dont need a book in front of you to deliver a memorable story that is both educational and entertaining’ British Museum 2010


Using games, costumes and props it’s possible to get everyone devising and telling stories in a remarkably short time.

Creating characters: People in stories are big and bold.  In order to snap into character we experiment with posture, props and costume

Developing a structure: You can ‘sketch and store a story’ using key words and images.

Acknowledging the climax: We analyse the peaks and troughs of story through interactive maps.

Sensory storytelling: Participants have the opportunity to use scents, textures, rhythm, drama, audience participation and music to accompany their storytelling.

Finding your style: Participants are encouraged to choose their own style.  Relaxation is the key and the emphasis is on owning and enjoying the story.