Russian Fairytale – Baba Yaga

The Baba Yaga Show

‘Baba Yaga, the “super-witch, much aligned deity, über-goddess, or crone” is described as “Russian folklore’s greatest character.” Gresham is an excellent storyteller, committing 110% to her performance and painting vivid pictures in the minds of the audience. Her stories are both familiar and strange, classic fairy tales with a Russian twist. They have all the darkness of the original Grimm tales, but Gresham tells them with humour.

She is multi-talented, using a variety of voices and mannerisms to create different characters. Besides playing Baba Yaga, she embodies everything from innocent children to evil stepmothers, magic dolls to talking frogs, and sandwich-stealing cats to silk-spinning cows. She also incorporates music into her storytelling to great effect, using both her voice and an accordion.
The above is an extract from a review by the Crick Crack Club – full review here.