Sherry Robinson worked with Xanthe for 10 years performing original and traditional material on cello, harp, accordion, bodhran and hammer dulcimer and recording 3 CDs. She also performs regularly with Ben Haggarty, Nick Hennessey and Hugh Lupton. Her musicianship is intuitive and exquisite and her ear for working with performers unparalleled. Sherry is the artist of ‘The Enchanted Isle’ with animation provided by Noisegate Media
Arash Moradi  Arash was born in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah in Western Iran. He is the eldest son of Iran`s leading tanbour player Ali Akbar Moradi. Arash started learning this ancient art form from an early age and has performed all over the world, most recently on BBC radio 4 and as a soloist at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Arash’s music stuns all audiences of The Shahnameh with its passion, skill and effortless dexterity.
Nina Perry  Nina has been working as a radio producer and composer for broadcasting and film since 2003. The BBC have called her work ‘fantastically original.’ Nina’s sound design for the Goddess Tales was inspiring and caused the stories to unfold in unpredictable and highly satisfying ways.
Shabina Aslam  Shabina has been Associate Producer of LIFT, Diversity Director for Radio Drama at the BBC and Associate Director for Theatre Venture, London. As director of the Goddess Tales, Shabina is a visionary with inexhaustible wit. As dramaturge she is both rigorous and insightful.
Annmarie Woods  Anne Marie has designed for Opera North, The Riverside, The Barbican and Red Ladder Theatre. She received the Manchester Evening News Award for Best Theater Design. Her work for the Goddess Tales took the storytelling to a new plane of visual sophistication!
Crick Crack Club  Xanthe is proud to belong to the Club that has been the driving force for the re-visioning of storytelling as a contemporary performance art for adult audiences, for over 20 years. Their promotion of excellence continues to influence storytelling as a contemporary performing art in England, Wales and Northern Europe.
EverydayMagic  The heart of Everyday Magic is storytelling, complemented with other art forms. Artists work closely with teachers and schools to devise programmes which develop children’s imagination and creativity. Xanthe has been working with the Company of Players and Tellers for four years under the inspired leadership of Anne Johnson.
MythStories  Myth Stories work with communities to keep oral heritage alive, promoting and commissioning storytelling. Their ‘astonishing’ and ‘wonderfully creative Museum’ is crammed with objects and living stories. Xanthe was invited to develop the tale of Wild Edric (link to multimedia page) as part of a new Museum exhibit in 2008 with artist Louise Frances Evans